People on the Meridian Line in the ROG courtyard.


Many of our programs and tours have a volunteer component. If you would like to participate in our Volunteer Travel Tours, you will find them well-structured and organized to suite and benefit our volunteer centers and our Volunteer Travelers.

Volunteer projects are strategically planned to serve the needs of the community groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

As our Volunteer Traveler you will undoubtedly engage yourself in a community where you will share your time with the local people. Although you are a visitor, you will feel like a host as you break the tie between the two. The rewards are real and often unpredictable

There is no doubt that you will return with a great sense of satisfaction, having made a difference to a community that you did not know at all. Simultaneously you get to know the country, the city, one of its communities and the people that live in it.

We invite individuals, couples, families, groups and students from all over the world to join us on these tours. You will find yourself affording the opportunity to share, grow and unite your experiences and skills especially with vulnerable people like women and children and return home satisfied and thankful for the richness of the experience you will take back with you.

We also provide programs for groups, Universities, Schools, Corporate, Youth Groups, and Spiritual Organizations can create their own customized group volunteer programs on special rates