Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions:

Onkar Travels reserves theright to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which this website isoffered and you agreed to accept and be bound by those terms, conditions, andnotices that are in effect at the time of your use of their website and facilities.
These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you andOnkar Travels with respect to this website and it supersedes all communicationsand proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written, between you and OnkarTravels with respect to this website.

• Passengers name on theirairline ticket have to match their passport or other universally acceptedgovernment ID
• Tickets are nontransferable and name changes are not allowed. Otherconditions, like no-show/Minimum/ maximum stay
etc., may apply.
• Where applicable, local airport taxes will be collected at time of check-in.
• Checked baggage allowance varies as per airline rules and conditions, pleasereconfirm before departure.
• Please ensure passport and visa are valid for travel. You are responsible forcomplying with the laws, regulations,
and travel requirements of countries or origin, destination and transit.
• Passengers are required to Check In at least 3 hours prior to departure forflights, else will be considered as a NO
• Kindly reconfirm your flights 5 days or at least 72 hours prior to flightdeparture as flight timings may change.
A reservation is not complete until ticketed. Fares are subject to availabilityat time of ticketing. To protect our customers from unauthorized charges, weverify with the credit/debit card company that the billing address and creditcard verification number you provided to us is accurate and that yourdebit/credit charge will be accepted. In the event the fare selected is notavailable an approval code may have been issued on your credit card. If thetransaction is not completed the approval code may temporarily credit theamount from your bank account.

Infants must have a validproof-of-age documents showing that the infant is less than two years old andshould be still under 2 on the returning portion. Please carry VALID traveldocuments such as Passport, PR Cards, Visa, etc. Please ensure that all yourtravel documents are in order as advised. If visa is required please check ifit is still valid. All original OCI/POI card holders need to carry passportswith the stamped OCI. Non Indian passport holders require visa. Most countriesrequire at least 6M validity of passport. Please verify with your transit pointor destination of visa is required. Entry to another country may be refusedeven if the required information and travel documents are complete. OnkarTravels is not responsible for any issues related to invalid or missing traveldocuments. The living standard and practices at the destination and thestandards and conditions there with respect to the provision of utilitiesservices and accommodation may differ from those found in Canada. Whenaccompanying children not your own please carry a no objection notarized letterin both directions. Onkar Travels cannot assume responsibilities for and willnot compensate passengers for matters beyond our control viz bankruptcies,overbooking and or changes made by the carrier.

You may be required by therelevant Travel Supplier(s) to present a valid credit or debit card at the timeof check-in at the hotel and/or at the pick-up location of the car rentalcompany to provide confirmation of authorized card usage and/or to secure anyadditional charges. The cardholder must be a traveler listed on your Booking.




All changes made to theitinerary are restricted and are subject to most restrictive airline farerules. Most airlines do not allow any name changes after the booking iscompleted. Date changes permitted to subject to availability of ticketed classwithin the validity of the ticket. For any changes you make to your booking,you will be charged the penalty if any and the difference in fare if any whichmay vary by flight and available booking class. However if the new fare islower than the original fare, difference in the amount will not be refunded. Inaddition to the airline’s charges, an administration charge of Cad 50.00applies for all tickets reissued or refunded. We’ll collect these charges fromyou when we make the changes to your travel plans.. Depending on the airline’spolicy, some fare rules do not allow changes to be permitted. All amendmentsshould be done at least 48 hrs. (2 days) prior to departure date. Certainairlines treat any changes or cancellation within 48 hrs as a No Show. Whencancelling return dates must book new dates at the same time. We cannot assumeany responsibility for return date changes.

Most of our airline tickets areRefundable with the applicable penalties as per fare rules. In certain caseswhere the airline may not allow cancellations, but may give a credit vouchervalid towards a future ticket to be purchased by the same traveler on the sameairline. Usually the credit is issued by the airline supplier has a specificexpiration date, after which it cannot be used. Cancellations must be madeprior to 24 hours prior to departure. Refund processes take 4 to 6 weeks fromdate it was processed and it is credited back to the original form of payment.Cash payments will be refunded by cheque only. No refunds after departure or onpartially used tickets. In case passenger is a NO SHOW then no refund isapplicable. No refund or extension of ticket on medical grounds. Once therefund has been approved by the supplier it may take additional time for thisto appear on your credit card statement. It is mandatory to contact us for allrefunds, as the airline will not be able to refund your tickets booked at MHwebsite.

If you have made an error inname(s), or date(s) and/or time(s) of the flight, please contact US via phoneor email as soon as possible so that we can attempt to modify your bookingbefore the ticket is issued. Once the ticket is issued by the airline,cancellations or changes to your booking may not be possible. Keep in mind thatchanges and cancellations are made at the discretion of the airline inaccordance with its own policies and conditions.

Credit Card Charges:

Some banks and credit cardcompanies impose fees for international or cross border transactions.. Inaddition, some banks and card companies impose fees for currency conversion.The currency exchange rate and foreign transaction fee is determined solely byyour bank on the day that they process the transaction.
In some cases, you may be charged and billed in multiple transactions totalingthe final total price as discussed due to our payment contracts with theAirlines.

Onkar Travels reserves theright to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which this website isoffered and you agreed to accept and be bound by those terms, conditions, andnotices that are in effect at the time of your use of their website andfacilities.

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreementbetween you and Onkar Travels with respect to this website and it supersedesall communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written, betweenyou and Onkar Travels with respect to this website.


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