Who can travel to Canada” may be found here:

We refer our clients to the link to do their own research if their particular circumstances would allow them to enter Canada.  As this is not always easy for them to do, we receive many emails daily requesting our assurance or a letter from the Embassy confirming eligibility to travel.  As a result, we have also developed these guidelines which may also be useful to you


  1. Students

Please note:  new students for the fall semester are not currently covered under the exemptions to Canada’s travel restrictions.  Only returning students or those approved on or before March 18 may travel if they meet the requirements below.  Most post-secondary schools in Canada will be offering on-line learning for the fall semester where physical presence on campus will not be required and therefore travel to Canada is not required at this time.

The Canadian High Commission does not provide letters of authorization. You will need to satisfy the airline that your travel to Canada as a student is essential and non-discretionary. If your learning institution is indicating it is essential for you to be in Canada due to having in-person classes, or you don’t have sufficient access to wifi etc. the school should provide a detailed letter explaining why you need to be in Canada.  You will need to provide this letter to the airline.

Temporary Student – essential (non-discretionary) travel

If you are a student, you’re exempt from the travel restrictions and do not require an additional permission letter if you have:

  • A valid study permit and are returning to Canada, or
  • A valid study permit or a port of entry letter of introduction that shows that you were approved for a study permit before or on March 18, 2020 where your institution is offering courses and your presence in Canada is necessary.

We strongly recommend entering Canada no earlier than 3 weeks prior to your studies commencing. If you seek to enter Canada earlier this would not normally be considered essential travel and you may be denied boarding or entry into Canada.


  1. Work Permit holders

The Canadian High Commission does not provide letters of authorization. If you are a temporary foreign worker, you must have a valid work permit.


Your travel is essential (non-discretionary) if you’re in either of these situations:

  • You have a valid work permit and normally live in Canada.
  • You’re a worker who
    — has a letter of introduction for a work permit (open or employer-specific), and
    — has a valid job offer, and
    — can work once you’ve completed your 14-day quarantine in Canada (unless you’re exempt)


  1. Indian passport holders on visitor visa

There are 2 categories of visitors who may be permitted to enter Canada for family reunification purposes.


Family Reunification – Foreign national traveling to join a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada (No authorization letter required)

Immediate family members of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada will be deemed to be travelling for a non-discretionary or non–optional purpose if the travel is for 15 days or more and they are travelling with or to be with their Canadian Citizen or permanent resident family member. Please find information in the following link to assist you regarding if you are exempt from the travel restrictions: Travel Restriction Measures

If you are exempt from the travel restrictions, you may travel to Canada. Travellers are expected to self-identify to airlines at the point of boarding that they are exempt under this provision by presenting documentation to establish their family member’s Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status and their relationship to that family member. Please use the aforementioned link for a list of recommended documents to present to the airline.  IRCC is not providing authorization letter for cases that meet the above criteria.


Family Reunification – Foreign national traveling to join a temporary resident in Canada (Authorization Letter Required )

Foreign nationals who have an immediate family member already residing in Canada as a worker, visitor, student or protected person are exempt from the travel restrictions if the purpose of their travel is non-discretionary/essential. The objective of this exemption is to facilitate reuniting immediate family members who have been separated as a result of these travel restrictions.


If you are exempt from the travel restrictions, you will need authorization in writing from our office to be presented to the airline.  Please write to DelhiImmigration@international.gc.ca for further instructions.  For externally-organized or repatriation flights, please also check with the airline.


NOTE: The final determinations to allow a traveller to board an aircraft is made by the airline, often in consultation with the Canada Border Services Agency. Everyone is subject to examination when entering Canada and a traveller may be deny entry if they are not exempt from the travel restrictions or if they do not meet requirements under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.