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The Palace Tours take you on a journey that depicts the extreme luxury, pomp and splendour of the lives of the Maharajas of the past.

Maharaja which means ‘great king’ lived in the lap of luxury with a host of thrones, howdahs, precious stones, palanquins, gem-encrusted weapons, court paintings and fine jewellery.

When people think of India, ultimately forts and palaces come to mind. After all, they’re a significant part of India’s rich history, and they’ve been featured in countless photos and documentaries.The majority of them are located in Rajasthan, where they were built by the richest and most grand rulers, the Rajputs.

Many of India’s palaces have now been converted into hotels by their once royal owners, a necessity to generate income, after their royal status and privileges were abolished by the Constitution of India in 1971.

The British also contributed tothe building of lavish and stunning summer residences.

There are over 70 palaces in India, of which around 40 are in Rajasthan.

Come with us on a mind blowingand amazing Palace Tour where we will displayto you some of the most exquisite palace hotels, where you can choose to stay as guest, or just walk around them and experience how royalty once lived.