education tour



Education helps widen one’s ability to think. We believe in order to do that one must travel to sustain wholesome education. A tour is an experience that students remember as one of the highlights of their education. It helps to develop social skills and team building, stimulates personal growth, adaptation and observation skills and provides them with the opportunity to think broader.

Our team is well experienced and has travelled to destinations with several groups of students. Our team is motivated to help your group right from the planning process to the conclusion of your tour. If the group requires a member of our team to travel with them through the journey, we are more than willing to accommodate their requirements. Our planning includes innovative ways to enlighten your trips as well as we are flexible to work around your budgets.

Our main focus is to make sure that the students are safe and face no hiccups through their tour. We only choose service providers that have prior safety records and that meet approved industry standards of safety.

Onkar Travels’ first priority is the safety of our Students taken into consideration with the following:

1) The company maintains the requirement of adult chaperones (parents and teachers) and its own tour managers who accompany the traveling students.

2) During all phases of the tour the students presence is verified before proceeding to the next stopover or attraction. The “buddy system” is encouraged for comradeship and also so that a watchful eye is kept among the students.

3) Head office is in contact with the chaperones and tour manager on a 24-hour basis should the need arise. Head Office calls the chaperones and/or the tour manager once a day.

4) Police/Security Guards are hired in places that require extra security.

5) Rules and regulations put in place for student security and behavior are adhered to and enforced very rigorously.

6) Adult chaperones fill out an application are screened and trained in accordance with all company guidelines.

7) “Terms and Conditions” must be accepted and signed by students and their parents/guardians.

8) Violating company rules or breaking the terms and conditions are taken very seriously. Rules and steps taken for violation are read and signed off by the students and their parents.

9) In case of emergencies there is the owner of the company and other directors at head office with whom the adult chaperone or company representative can liaise. To further cover emergencies, all students must have adequate comprehensive insurance coverage to travel on our tours.