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Flights To Chicago

Flights To Chicago

Chicago has a storied history, but there is always hope for the future. The 'big city'—skyscrapers, financial centres, the ring (what locals call the central business district)—and the 'super small area' environment are all within a very short distance. It's commonly assumed that anything worth seeing can be found in the Loop. Despite being dominated by the coastal powerhouses of New York City and Los Angeles, Chicago is on the rise, with 55 million visitors registered in 2017 – and new direct flights from the United Kingdom to Norway and Wow are making the third largest city in the United States, also known as the best place to spend Christmas and the best place to visit, easily available. While visitors like to congregate in the city center and along the lakefront to appreciate the city's world-renowned architecture, there is a vibrant music and bar scene that should not be missed.

Major Attractions

1. Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright: In 1889, Wrightdesigned and built his first house with a $5,000 loan from his then-boss andmentor, Chicago's seminal architect Louis Sullivan. Just 22 of them will beable to reshape the modest house on a regular basis over the next two decades,but a visit here gives a rare snapshot of the architect's emerging ideas. Forthe first time, Wright's fledgling architectural theory burst here.

2. Field Museum: This massive museum, with over 400,000square feet of exhibition space, exhibits cultures and societies from all overthe world. The mysteries of Egyptian mummies, as well as ancient Egyptian artand discoveries, are among the topics covered in immersive exhibitions.Interactive exhibitions include the mysteries of Egyptian mummies, the craftsand discoveries of people living in Old America, and the evolution of life onEarth. The museum was established in 1893 to house materials acquired for theWorld Columbian Exposition and was originally funded by Chicago businessmanMarshall Field.

3. John G. Shedd Aquarium: The Shedd Aquarium, one of thearea's most popular, houses over 32,500 species from all across the world.

4. Museum of Contemporary Art: The MCA was established in1967 by a group of art patrons who felt that the amazing Art Institute ofChicago was closed to new works, and it has remained a renegade art museum eversince. It lacks permanent screens, which gives it a feeling of freshness whilemaking it impossible to predict what will be seen at any given moment. Specialactivities are often devoted to original shows that are not found elsewhere.

Best Time to Visit

The months of June, September, and October are hot andsunny. Temperatures range from brittle to bitter from November to March, whileApril and May may be cold / soggy or sunny / wet, and July and August may beperfect or have a precarious mix of high heat and high humidity. Locals claimthe one constant in Chicago's temperature is that it can change in a splitsecond. If you visit Chicago in the winter, you will attend some of the city'sfamed outdoor festivals; during the holiday season, the city is decked out withdecorations.


1.Chicago has a total area of 234 square miles

2. With a total of roughly 2.7 million people, Chicago isthe third largest city in the United States.

3. In Chicago, there are 77 community centres.

4. Chicago's nicknames include The Windy City, The City withBroad Shoulders, The Second City, The White City, and The City with Works.

5. "City in the Field," the city of Chicago'smotto, was adopted in the 1830s and refers to the city's magnificent andhistoric park system.

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