Is It Cheaper to Book Hotel and Flights Separately?

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Is it cheaper to book hotel and flights separately? The quick answer is yes. Booking your hotel and flight independently can save you some money and reduce your travel expenses. Aside from that, it also offers you the flexibility of planning your trip just the way you want. 

Whether it is for a vacation getaway or business purpose, when preparing for a trip, the biggest chunk of the budget goes to the flight ticket and hotel accommodation. Unsurprisingly, one of the most pressing questions that arises when booking your flight is; “Is it cheaper to book hotel and flights separately? Or is a bundling package better?”

Booking your hotel and flight separately means purchasing your flight ticket and paying for your hotel accommodation directly from the airline and through the hotel website, respectively. A bundling package means paying for your airfare and travel accommodation together at the same time, which third-party travel agents handle. The decision you make can significantly impact your travel expenses, and we are here to help you make the most cost-effective choice. You can book cheap flights from Canada here as you plan your next trip.

Perks Of Booking A Hotel Flight Separately

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Separate bookings of airfare and accommodation can take some time and a bit of energy. But the advantages it offers are always worth every bit of the effort, and they include:

  1. Access To Specific Preferences: Sometimes, bundling packages offered to you by third-party travel agents may not include your choice of airline travel company or hotel accommodation. If you have certain preferences for flights and hotels, then it’s advised to book them separately. This gives you the flexibility to select your specific choice, which the bundling package may not offer.
  1. Control Over Travel Schedule: When you book separately, you move at your time and convenience. Separate bookings offer you the ability to customize your trip however you want. You are not locked in on any travel plan, and you have the flexibility to plan your itinerary.
  1. Enjoy Discount Offers And Loyalty Rewards: If you are qualified for discount offers and loyalty rewards from a hotel or airline, separate bookings are of utmost benefit. This is because a combined flight and accommodation package by travel agents can prevent your access to those offers.
  1. Flexibility Of Making Changes: Separate bookings prevent you from being trapped in a plan, and they allow you to make changes to your flight and hotel bookings without one affecting the other. Bundle packages do not often give the flexibility of making separate changes.

Disadvantages Of Booking Hotel And Flights Together

Of course, combined booking saves time and effort. It also makes the booking process convenient. But it does have several limitations, and they include:

  1. Price Inflation Due To Addition Of Unnecessary Extras: Usually, combined offers contain items you may not need or want. Adding these items to the bundle package can increase the cost of your travel more than your usual budget. Also, they do not always have the best prices, and they sometimes lack the discounts that separate bookings offer.
  1. Less Flexibility With Date And Price: Bundling keeps you trapped in a trip schedule and gives you less opportunity to make changes to your airfare and hotel bookings separately. Most bundling plans have strict terms regarding making changes or cancellations, which makes it hard to modify your trip.

When Is the Best Time to Book a Flight?

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There is no “best” time to book a flight as booking an air trip depends on some factors like destination and season. However, it’s best to book your flight in advance, between 6-8 weeks before your trip date.

Also, when you book early, you can get better prices as ticket fees fluctuate. Prices drop at mid-week and off-peak hour flights.

When Is the Best Time to Book a Hotel?

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This also depends on location and season. Sometimes, it’s best to book your hotel accommodation 1-3 months before your trip as this may give you access to lower rates.

Similarly, last-minute deals can also be available as your trip draws closer. The most important thing is to keep monitoring the hotel prices.

Wrap Up

Is it cheaper to book hotel and flights separately has always been a debate. While some have sworn that the separate bookings have always worked for them, some have also frowned at it. However, the most important thing to do while making a choice is to compare prices and review your budget. You can book the cheapest flights with Onkar Travels.

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