How Much Does it Cost to Travel to India? A Traveler’s Guide

India is a land of enchantment and cultural richness. This place brings travelers from across the globe to explore its lands. However, before setting foot in this beautiful country, it is crucial to understand the cost of traveling to India. This article will explore the various factors and expenses involved in a trip to India helping to answer a question that may be on your mind, “How much does it cost to travel to India”?

Cost of Flights When Traveling to India

First, you must get there. This is typically a significant portion of overall travel expenses. To find affordable options, it is advisable to book your tickets well in advance. This allows you to take advantage of early-bird deals and secure better prices. Also, consider exploring alternate airports near your destination. Sometimes, it is best to fly into a nearby city and take a short domestic flight or ground transportation to reach your intended destination. Airlines may have seasonal promotions or discounts which can reduce your travel expenses leaving more funds to explore and experience once you are there.

Cost of Meals When Traveling to India

Indian cuisine is delightful. Exploring the culinary landscape of India is an integral part of the travel experience. To savor the flavors without breaking the bank, consider trying street food. It is not only delicious but also affordable. Local eateries, known as “dhabas” also offer regional dishes at reasonable prices. Traditional thali meals include a variety of dishes served on a platter and can be a cost effective option to sample as well.

Onkar Travels | Premier Travel Agency in Brampton | How Much Does it Cost to Travel to India? A Traveler's Guide

Indian Rupee

Currency and Exchange Rate in India

Understanding the currency and exchange rate is essential when planning a budget trip to India. The official currency of India is the Indian Rupee (INR). It is recommended to exchange your currency for Indian Rupees upon arrival at authorized exchange counters or banks for the best rates. Exchange rates fluctuate, so it would be advantageous to monitor them beforehand to get a sense of the current value of your money vs. the Rupee. Consider carrying a mix of cash and using a reliable travel card for convenience and security during your travels. Be aware of any applicable fees or charges for currency exchange to ensure you maximize your spending power while exploring the wonders of India. 

Currently July 2023: 

1 CAD = 62.15 INR

1 USD=82.05 INR

Activities : Exploring India’s Wonders

India contains a vast collection of cultural and historical attractions that captivate the imagination. From awe-inspiring architectural marvels to spiritual retreats and vibrant festivals, there is something for everyone. These costs will vary. You will encounter entry fees and expenses for tour guides. It is important to do research ahead of time when creating your budget. Many of the popular attractions will have websites with prices listed which will allow you to pick which attractions to attend. For example, The Taj Mahal is open to Foreigners for 1100 INR. This equates to about $13 USD at the time of this article.

Onkar Travels | Premier Travel Agency in Brampton | How Much Does it Cost to Travel to India? A Traveler's Guide

Taj Mahal

Transportation Within India

To get a full tour of the country, you will need to take India’s diverse transportation system. This includes Trains, Buses, & domestic flights. When operating on a budget, it is advantageous to book train tickets in advance and use local transportation options. Many locals offer transportation via car in exchange for payment. Of course, it is necessary to ensure that they are a trusted transportation service, but this can be an affordable option upon making a connection with locals.

So, How much does it cost to Travel to India?

We have put together a sample budget to put these pieces together and help you answer the question on your mind while you’re reading this article “How much does it cost to Travel to India?”

  1. Flights
    1. Round Trip International Flights: $800-$2200 (depending on location and season)
  2. Accommodations
    1. Budget Guesthouses or hostels: $10-$25 a night
    2. Mid-Range Hotels: $40-$80 a night
    3. Luxury Resorts or Boutique Hotels: $100 + a night
  3. Transportation
    1. Domestic Flights: $50 – $150 per Flight
    2. Train Travel: $5-$50 per ticket (depending on class and distance
    3. Local buses or TaxisL $1-$5 per journey
    4. Auto-Rickshaws $0.50-$2 per ride
Onkar Travels | Premier Travel Agency in Brampton | How Much Does it Cost to Travel to India? A Traveler's Guide


  1. Meals
    1. Street Food and local restaurants: $2-$5 a meal
    2. Mid-Range Restaurants: $5-$15 a meal
    3. Finer Dining: $20 + per meal
  2. Activities
    1. Entrance Fees to popular attractions: $1-$10 per person
    2. Guided Tours or Experiences: $10-$50 per person
  3. Misc. Expenses:
    1. Travel Insurance: $30-$50 for 2 weeks
    2. Souvenirs & Shopping: $50-$200

These figures are approximate but can be very helpful when planning your journey to India. Using these figures we can answer your question “How much does it cost to travel to India” by providing a range of $1650-$4490 for a 2 week trip to India for 1 person.

Hopefully this helps you as you plan your trip to India’s beautiful lands. Let us help get you there, book cheap flights to India with us here!

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