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You might be wondering: when will the eVisa to India resume from Canada? Good news, India is now issuing eVisas for people in Canada! Read about the latest eVisa to India news here!

The current e visa to India from Canada news is canceling and delaying many people’s travel plans. On Thursday, September 21, the Center for Processing Indian Visas in Canada suspended its operations following an issue between both countries. This news has caused many Canadian travelers seeking to secure an Indian visa into a world of uncertainty. 

Family members, students, and visitors from both countries will want to understand what this e visa to India from Canada news means for them and their travel plans. Suppose you’re wondering how you and those you know may be affected by the recent restriction put in place by the Indian government on visa applications for Canadians. In that case, this article will answer all your inner questions and confusions.

What’s Happening Between the Indian and Canadian Governments?

The rift between both countries escalated when Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, suggested India’s involvement in killing Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canadian citizen, on September 18. Hardeep was a known pro-Khalistan activist and British Columbia’s president of the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara. This statement triggered a response from the Indian government, causing the cancellation of every Indian visa processing activity in Canada.

The expulsion of an Indian diplomat in Ottawa caused a further rift between both countries. New Delhi reciprocated by sharing a travel advisory that warns Indian nationals and international students in Canada about violence. Indian government refers to the investigations being performed following the death of Hardeep, as absurd. Hardeep has been a wanted man in India, and the government believes that Canada is seeking to divert attention from harboring Hardeep and other wanted people in their land.

What Does the India E Visa Suspension Mean?

The Indian e-visa application process for Canadians has been suspended. Canadian citizens who wish to apply or are already processing their India visa won’t be able to continue the process until otherwise stated by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

Can I Apply for Other Indian Visas, Excluding the E-Visa?

The Indian government was instructed to cease processing all types of Indian visas in Canada, including electronic visas. Canadian citizens are also not permitted to apply for Indian visas even if they go to another country due to restrictions.

What Happens if I Already Have a Plane Ticket for India?

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Right now, there are no travel restrictions to India from Canada. The Government of India only announced the suspension of visa services for Canadians. This means you can’t continue processing or applying for an Indian visa until the government rescinds its decision. However, if you own a valid Indian visa, you can still travel. Bear in mind that a visa allows you to seek entrance into a country at its port but doesn’t guarantee you’ll be allowed into the country.

What About My Canadian Family in India? Will They Be Able To Return to Canada?

A Canadian citizen in India with a valid visa can stay and travel to and from India without any restrictions, as travel between both countries hasn’t been stopped. However, if they need to extend their Indian visa, they won’t be able to do so right now due to the Canada to India visa changes.

Is It Safe To Travel to India Right Now?

Canada offers travel advisories for citizens traveling to specific locations in India, such as Gujrat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jammu, and Kashmir. India also provides travel advisories for its international students and nationals in Canada.

I Planned a Trip to India in November or December. Will I Still Be Able To Go?

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Many travelers, including Canadians, visit India during November and December. The trip may be to enjoy their holiday or honor a wedding invitation. If you currently own an Indian visa, your trip won’t be affected, and you can still travel. If you don’t have a valid Indian visa, your journey to India is uncertain. Indian Ministry of External Affairs stated they would review the situation on a regular basis. You can keep tabs on India e-visa latest updates to learn about any new e visa to India from Canada news.

What Will Happen if I’ve Already Bought Tickets Without a Visa?

Air Canada announced through CBC that their 19 weekly flights to India continue. Travelers affected by the Canada-India e-visa policy news can also use their rebooking policy, which allows them to reschedule their flights with no extra charges. If you’ve already booked a flight, you can reschedule your flights to a future date, pending when you can process your visa.

How Long Will the India E-Visa Suspension Last?

This is perhaps the biggest question Canadians seeking an Indian visa have. India’s Ministry of Affairs has said they’ll review the situation on a regular basis, so we can’t precisely speculate what will happen. You can learn about e-visa application updates for India from Canada by keeping up with the news on CBC or similar channels.

Will I Be Affected if I Already Applied for a Visa Before the Announcement?

Due to the India e-visa suspension, your visa won’t be processed until the Indian government changes its decision.

Must Canadians Get a Transit Visa?

If you don’t plan on leaving the airport, you won’t need to get a transit visa. However, you’ll need a transit visa to stay in India during your visit. Canadians can’t apply for or process a transit visa until the Indian government cancels the suspension.

Will Indian Citizens in Canada Be Affected by the E Visa India Suspension?

No, Indian nationals can travel from Canada to India without a visa. If you own an Indian passport, you don’t need a visa to travel to India. Only Canadians seeking to obtain an Indian visa are affected by the suspension.

Can Canadians With an Indian Visa Travel to the Country?

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If you currently own a valid Indian visa, you can travel to India. Currently, there are no travel restrictions. Canadians with Indian citizenship are also free to visit the country.

Will This Affect Indians Applying for Canadian Visas and International Students?

The Canadian government hasn’t suspended its visa application services in India. Indian nationals can still apply for and process a Canadian visa. 

The Indian government has requested a staffing parity, stating that Canada’s diplomatic presence is more in India than theirs in Canada and wants it reduced. 

The High Commission of Canada also mentioned its move to adjust staffing temporarily at the consulate and high commission locations in India. This was due to diplomats allegedly receiving death threats on social media. What this means is that there may be a delay in processing Canadian visas and a possibility of suspension in the near future.

Can Indians Travel to Canada?

Indians with a Canadian visa can still travel to Canada. Bear in mind that Canada is making staffing changes to their high commission and consulate locations in India. We can’t predict what will happen in the coming weeks or months, so pay attention to the news from both governments.

Where Can I Monitor E Visa to India From Canada News?

Canadian travelers seeking to visit India sooner or later will want to learn about any e visa to India from Canada news updates and the relations between both countries. The local news channels in Canada and India will announce any new developments concerning this matter so both nationals can understand the e-visa application updates for India from Canada.

How Will the India E-Visa Suspension Affect Canadian Travelers in India?

This may not be the best time to visit India as a Canadian. However, if you own a valid visa and have a good reason to travel, you can make your trip. So far, there hasn’t been a recorded direct attack or violence against Canadian visitors in India. Observe standard safety measures, especially avoiding night travel, and you should be fine.

Can I Apply for Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)?

The India e-visa suspension halts all visa processing plans for Canadian nationals. However, Canadian citizens of Indian descent currently residing in or planning to reside in India can apply for the Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI). The OCI acts like a permanent residency document that allows you to live and work indefinitely in India. If any of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents are Indian nationals, you can apply for an OCI.  

Foreign spouses of Indian citizens and OCI card holders are also eligible to apply for OCI if they’ve been married for over two years. Once you secure an OCI, you can live, work in India, and travel without restrictions. Bear in mind that foreign nationals must be resident in India for at least six months before applying for an OCI. You can’t apply for an OCI while on a tourist, mountaineering, or missionary visa.

To apply for an OCI, visit the OCI services official website to get started. We understand that the application process can be tricky, so we’re willing to help you at Onkar Travels fill everything correctly. Reach out to us today to begin your OCI application.

Should I Reschedule My Trip to India Due to the Visa Restrictions?

As a Canadian without an Indian visa, you can’t realistically obtain a visa until the Indian government lifts the suspension. If you’ve already booked a trip and bought tickets, you can reschedule for a future date, especially if you’re using Air Canada. Remember that we don’t know if or when the Indian government will rescind their decision. If you’re yet to purchase a ticket, monitoring the news may be in your best interest before committing to a flight ticket. On the other hand, Canadian nationals with an Indian visa or citizenship can travel with no restrictions. Check out Onkar Travels to book a cheap flight from Canada to India

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