Sail On a Luxury Cruise From Vancouver To Tokyo 

Who here hasn’t dreamed of going on an international cruise? Fine dining, luxury cabins, and evenings spent on the deck watching the sunset with the lull of the waves soothing your soul.. sounds like a dream, right?

What if we told you that it doesn’t have to remain a dream? Silversea is offering an all-inclusive transoceanic cruise from Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan. And the best part? You get a discount if you book through Onkar Travels! 

About the Vancouver to Tokyo Cruise

Hosted by Silversea, the cruise kicks off on September 7th in Vancouver. The ship, Silver Muse, will take you on a journey through 3 countries. After leaving Vancouver, you’ll sail through the Alaskan glaciers. With 5 stops planned in this country, you’ll get the chance to explore Alaska in all its glory. 

After crossing Alaska, the ship will pass through the Pacific Ring of Fire, go through the Bering Sea, and arrive in Japan. After 2 stops in various parts of the country, the ship will land at Yokohama on September 25, bringing the cruise to an end. 

The entire journey – including all the stops and excursions – will last a total of 17 days. But we guarantee that your memories will last a lifetime!

Onkar Travels | Premier Travel Agency in Brampton | Sail On a Luxury Cruise From Vancouver To Tokyo 

Source: Silversea.

At 596, the maximum guest capacity on this cruise to Japan is significantly lower than any other cruise you might have come across. But the good news doesn’t end there. There will be a total of 411 crew members working on the ship, which means you will get special attention and have all your needs met. Talk about luxury! 

Here’s your chance to go on an epic cruise to Tokyo, and explore the Land of the Rising Sun. Click here, scroll to the bottom, and select “email” or “call” to book your next vacation with Onkar! 


For this cruise from Canada to Japan, you can either go for the door-to-door option or the port-to-port option. The former is slightly more expensive and includes a private chauffeur service from your home to your local airport and back again. 

Don’t forget that if you book through us, you get X% off on the total amount!

Onkar Travels | Premier Travel Agency in Brampton | Sail On a Luxury Cruise From Vancouver To Tokyo 

Source: Silversea.

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DayPlaceCountryStops/ Excursions
Cruise inside passageUS
3Ketchikan, AlaskaUS29 excursions
4Juneau, AlaskaUS20 excursions
5Sitka, AlaskaUS18 excursions
6Day at seaInternational waters
7Kodiak Island, AlaskaUS4 excursions
8Day at seaInternational waters
9Dutch HarborUS2 excursions
10Day at seaInternational waters
11Day at seaInternational waters
12Day at seaInternational waters
13Day at seaInternational waters
14Day at seaInternational waters
15Kushiro, HokkaidoJapan9 excursions
16MuroranJapan6 excursions
17Day at seaInternational waters
18Yokohama, TokyoJapanArrival

Suites and Amenities

The Silver Muse boasts a total of 9 luxury suites, with prices per guest ranging from $4,950 to $18,550. Almost all of the suites have a private veranda. Just step into the space and enjoy the soothing rhythm of the waves or try to spot some dolphins without ever having to step out of your room. 4 of the suites also have a living room for you to enjoy some private relaxation time. 

There are also wheelchair-accessible suites. If you book early, you get your pick of suites.

All suites come with several amenities to make your experience better:

  • 24-hour personalized room service with your very own butler
  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi so you can catch up on some work, or post your cruise pictures on the go
  • 24-hour dining with your pick of multiple restaurants with diverse cuisine
  • Beverages (including champagne, wine, and spirits) to enjoy anywhere on the ship, whether in-suite or out 
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Free transport into town from most ports

Public Areas

Apart from grand suites that you’ll never want to come out of, this cruise from Vancouver to Tokyo also offers several public areas that you can enjoy. 

  • 8 restaurants with diverse cuisine to satisfy your palate. Choose between International, Asian, Italian, and Japanese cuisine and go on a fine-dining journey of a lifetime. There is also an ocean-view restaurant. Perfect for enjoying dinner and conversation while the soft sea breeze blows gently.
  • A fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment and workouts designed for your body type and fitness goals. You never have to miss a single day of your workout routine even when you’re on the sea. Get up early, catch the sunrise, and hit the gym for a great start to your day!
  • Zagara beauty spa and Salon to indulge yourself and get some much-needed self-care done. With 9 treatment rooms, including an acupuncture suite, relaxation rooms, and an outdoor whirlpool, this place is the epitome of pure bliss. 
  • Observation library that offers an exceptional view of the ocean. Lounge with a book or listen to the soft swish of the ocean waves.
  • The pool and jacuzzi area brings a piece of the ocean to you. Take a dip or relax in the jacuzzi. You’ll even have your very own pool attendant to cater to your needs!
  • Casino for guests 18 years old or older to try their hand at all the games it has to offer.
  • Venetian lounge for the theater lover in you. Sit back and enjoy some full-scale productions and feature films. 
  • Arts cafe, a haven for art lovers. Marvel over the beautiful paintings and sculptures displayed here.
  • Boutique where you can shop from brands all across the globe to your heart’s content.
  • Panorama Lounge where you can relax and chat with friends or strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Ready To Go on a Cruise of a Lifetime?

Silversea’s Vancouver to Tokyo cruise gives a new meaning to “luxury.” With so many amenities, you’ll feel right at home as you sail through the sea. And the off-board excursions make sure that you get to enjoy all the beautiful things that each place has to offer. 

Book your tickets with Onkar Travels and enjoy a discount for this luxury cruise from Canada to Japan. Click here, scroll to the bottom, and select “email” or “call” to book your next vacation with Onkar! 

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