10 Cheap Places to Travel From Vancouver

You can choose a fun location among cheap places to travel from Vancouver and begin planning your next trip. The world is filled with many tastes, sights, and wonders, and it may seem like you need to empty your pockets to experience some of them. 

Vancouver is a bustling city, and things tend to be at the pricier end, and traveling can begin to feel like a luxury. However, if you bother with some research, you’ll find that a modest amount can fund memorable trips to exciting locations worldwide. Consequently, you can take extra precautions during your travels by securing baggage insurance to prepare you for any eventuality. Here’s a list of affordable destinations from Vancouver you can visit on your next trip:

  1. India
cheap places to travel from vancouver - india

India is a culturally diverse and exciting location that attracts visitors worldwide. You can get economical flights from Vancouver to India with Onkar Travels. Whether you’re interested in their festivals, foods, and historical landmarks, there’s an abundance of activities waiting for you in India. 

Accommodation and food costs are inexpensive in India. Although, your daily expenses may be higher than the locals when you engage in more activities and visit more places during your stay. Depending on where you visit in India, you can see famous sights like the Golden Temple, the Ganges River, and the Taj Mahal. You can also consider the best time to visit India to ensure you have a fantastic time traveling there.

  1. Dominican Republic
cheap places to travel from vancouver - dominican republic

Beach lovers considering inexpensive travel spots for Vancouver residents can consider visiting the Dominican Republic. It’s home to the beautiful Caribbean seas so you can wake up to a stunning beach. The cost of living is also low in the Dominican Republic, so you can get by without spending much. Cheap hostel accommodation is also available, which is excellent for those who’d rather not spend much by staying at a hotel. However, there are also affordable hotels in the Dominican Republic that can serve as a home away from home for your stay.

  1. Honduras
cheap places to travel from vancouver - honduras

If you’re willing to visit Central America, Honduras is one of the cheap places to travel from Vancouver. Honduras’s lovely white site beaches are as luxurious as those in Maldives. What’s more? You’ll spend way less than you would in Maldives. The turquoise Caribbean waters and palm-fringed beaches are a beauty to behold. Honduras is also home to diverse wildlife, offering visitors a glimpse of nature. Take a break from the fast-paced life in Vancouver and enjoy nature’s slow, stunning pace for your next vacation in Honduras.

  1. Portland, Oregon
cheap places to travel from vancouver - portland

Budget Vancouver-based travel ideas don’t have to involve going too far. You can take a cheap flight from Vancouver to Portland and have a swell time in this US city. It’s filled with exciting people and food, so much to feed your eyes and belly. Portland boasts a big, beautiful forest park, various breweries, and Powell’s City of Books, which every book-reading enthusiast should visit. You’ll find food trucks on the streets in Portland offering tasty meals and snacks at affordable prices. A round trip from Vancouver to Portland may cost way less than $100, and if you don’t travel at peak times or the holiday season, you get even cheaper flights.

  1. Denver
cheap places to travel from vancouver - denver

Denver is another affordable destination from Vancouver that isn’t so far away. It’s a modern city with breathtaking mountainous terrain.  The city is brimming with exciting locations and activities to explore, whether you’re a sport, fitness, or historical enthusiast. Consider visiting the Denver Art Museum and Larimer Square. 

 Don’t forget to visit one of Denver’s mountain parks during your stay. Colorado mountains are indeed a beauty, and you’ll only find out when you get a firsthand view of them. You only need to take a short drive to get a better glimpse of Denver’s mountains. You can go hiking and enjoy the picturesque scenery while working out. There are also many restaurants to see, so you’ll always find something within your budget. Are you looking for cheap places to travel from Vancouver with an urban and rocky blend? Try Denver.

  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
cheap places to travel from vancouver - cabo san lucas

Cabo San Lucas falls under the cheapest international cities to travel to from Vancouver. This small, charming city has a simple, relaxed vibe, attracting many tourists and visitors. Unlike Vancouver’s intense and fast-paced lifestyle, you can still get a laid-back feeling. It has a large sea harbor, restaurants, condos, and hotels. 

Various companies allow you to perform activities like horseback riding, golfing, and water sports. If you take connecting flights with the US, you’ll spend less on airfare. However, you can shell out more money for a direct flight with Air Canada. Cabo San Lucas is perfect for a break from the busy urban lifestyle. You can relax at the seaside all day without a care in the world or enjoy an activity you like.

  1. Maui
cheap places to travel from vancouver - maui

Do you love the sound of sea waves crashing on rocks? Then consider visiting Maui. It’s a beautiful island that offers lots of activities for visitors. The environment is serene, and living costs are inexpensive. It’s also a great winter vacation location to escape Vancouver’s blazing cold. You can also visit Maui during the summer, but as a Vancouver resident, you may find it too hot. Regardless of when you visit, you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy some time in Maui.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
cheap places to travel from vancouver - bangkok

Bangkok should be on your list of cheap places to travel from Vancouver. The flights from Vancouver to Bangkok cost around $600 (CAD), and the expenses are significantly lower than in Vancouver when you arrive there. You can get accommodation for a few dollars per night, and if you’re willing to splurge, a $15 to $20 CAD nightly fee will offer you very comfortable accommodation. While in Bangkok, you can explore its beautiful beaches, archaeological remains, markets, and temples. Feast your eyes on decades-old civilization, enjoy some cheap food, and have a good time away from the costly lifestyle in Vancouver.

  1. Greece
cheap places to travel from vancouver - greece

This popular Mediterranean spot may seem like a luxurious place to visit from Vancouver, but you can also enjoy your stay in Greece on a budget. Avoid tourist magnet locations like Santorini to get the most value for your money. There are various cities and islands in Greece to choose from. Greece is home to beautiful architecture, beaches, and restaurants. Regarding food, Greece offers unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else. 

  1. Bali, Indonesia
cheap places to travel from vancouver - bali

One of the cheap places to travel from Vancouver if you love surfing is Bali. It’s a beautiful city with crystal blue lakes and beaches. Accommodation and food costs are cheap, so it’s a great location if you want to visit a beautiful environment on a small budget. You’ll find breathtaking waterfalls, beautiful temples, gardens, mountains, and rich green scenery. Nature at its finest is what Bali embraces you wish during your stay.

Preparing for Your Trip From Vancouver

When planning your trip for cheap places to travel from Vancouver, there are some other factors you may want to consider alongside your budget. What kind of activities do you want to explore? What languages do the locals speak in your travel destination? How’s the weather there? Learning the answers to these questions can guide your preparations, including the kind of clothing you pack for the trip. It’s also ideal to confirm the food and accommodation costs of where you’re visiting to have a reasonable estimate of what you’ll spend daily. Another way you can prepare for your trip is by getting baggage insurance.

When Is the Ideal Time to Book Cheap Flights From Vancouver?

To get the best deals when planning your trip for cheap places to travel from Vancouver, consider booking your flight two to three months ahead. If you plan to travel during the holiday season or visit famous locations, you can book your flight even earlier. Booking a flight months in advance offers you the cheapest possible rates. With the flights covered, you can spend the months before the trips making other preparations for things like accommodation, food, and activities.

Which Airlines Provide the Cheapest Flights in Vancouver?

Air Canada and WestJet offer reasonable rates. However, comparing prices across various platforms is best to learn the best deal for your budget. Confirm the flight prices to similar locations provided by different airlines, including connecting and direct flights to your destination.


Don’t feel bummed if you don’t have tens of thousands set apart for vacation. Actually, you don’t need to. With a few thousand dollars, you can enjoy a satisfying trip to exciting and affordable locations around the world. This list suffices as a Vancouver travelers’ guide to cheap trips. We’ve established that you can have a fun vacation trip outside Vancouver to international cities and towns on a budget. However, you can also consider these cheap places to travel from Vancouver to other locations within Canada. To book the cheapest flights from Vancouver, check out Onkar Travels, the best travel agency in Brampton.

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