Cheap Countries to Travel to From Canada for a Quick Getaway

cheap countries to travel to from canada

Planning a trip to another country, especially from Canada, can seem like a huge financial burden. However, if you take the time to analyze your options, you’ll find many budget-friendly destinations worldwide you can visit without breaking the bank. 

From travel to living costs, you can plan an exciting summer or holiday trip with a reasonable budget to various economically attractive countries. Traveling to cheap locations within Canada is an option if you don’t want to leave the country for your next vacation. Do you want an overseas experience? Let’s explore 10 cheap countries to travel to from Canada:

1. Vietnam

cheap countries to travel to from canada - vietnam

If your goal is to go on low-cost overseas trips, consider visiting Vietnam. It’s become a popular cheap destination for tourists, and you’ll find out why. Vietnam will offer Canadians a laid-back, relaxing experience different from the fast-paced and busy Canadian culture. Transportation, feeding, and accommodation costs are significantly lower than you would spend in Canada. 

You can have a decent meal at a restaurant with less than $10 CAD. Have the famous Vietnam Bia Hoi beer alongside your meal, too. You can visit mountain resorts to get a feel of the rural lifestyle. Visit tofu factories, flower farms, plantations, and picturesque rice terraces. There are various natural sights to see during your stay in Vietnam. What’s more? You can experience the country at your own pace, without an intense crowd or rush.

2. India

cheap countries to travel to from canada - india

India is among the largest countries in the world, so you can choose to visit any of its states during your next trip there. Considering the best time to visit India is also a factor that can impact how you prepare for your trip. You can explore southern or northern India and visit the Taj Mahal and famous Indian sights. 

No matter the part of India you choose to visit, you’ll eat tasty, cheap meals and get affordable accommodation and transportation within the state. You may also be lucky or plan to visit India during one of their popular festivals like Holi. You can’t go wrong with India. If you’ll be traveling from Canada to India or surrounding locations, book affordable flights with us at Onkar Travels for the travel experience. 

3. Dominican Republic

cheap countries to travel to from canada - dominican republic

Are you a fan of beaches and Caribbean food? Your list of cheap countries to travel to from Canada should include the Dominican Republic. You will enjoy cheap accommodation, food and location. 

When it comes to activities to explore, consider going scuba diving, water skiing, and parasailing. Enjoy the water waves, the country breeze, and the simple lifestyle of the Dominican Republic. If you wish to travel with fewer visitors, consider traveling in March, April, or May. You can book cheap flights early, around November and December, to get the best deals available.

4. Mexico

cheap countries to travel to from canada - mexico

You don’t need to exit North America for an inexpensive travel from Canada. Mexico is an excellent location for budget travelers seeking new thrills and excitement. Flights to different places in Mexico from Canada are cheap all year round. However, it may cost a bit more if you’re traveling during the holidays, like Christmas and Easter. 

Exploring the entire Mexico in one visit is impossible, but there are various exciting locations like Mexico City, Cancun, San Jose del Cabo, and Guadalajara. Mexican food is a delight; wherever you go, you’ll enjoy some of them. There is cheap accommodation spread around Mexico, so you’ll always find something within your budget. Mexico also boasts beautiful beaches and resorts for visitors to explore.

5. Panama

cheap countries to travel to from canada - panama

When discussing cheap countries to travel to from Canada, we can’t fail to mention Panama. Situated in Central America, Panama is an exciting country with welcoming weather and different interesting sights to explore. If taking wallet-friendly trips abroad is a primary deciding factor for your trip outside Canada, Panama will offer the best value for your money.

6. Costa Rica

cheap countries to travel to from canada - costa rica

Still speaking of cost-effective foreign travel from Canada to Central America, Costa Rica is an exciting tourist location. Its cultural edifices, including the Gold Museum, attract visitors throughout the year. Protected jungles comprise a significant part of Costa Rica and are home to spider monkeys. You can also visit beaches or see volcanoes in Costa Rica. San Jose is the capital city and a favorite spot for visitors, but you can explore other locations. 

7. Cuba

cheap countries to travel to from canada - cuba

You can enjoy thrifty international journeys if you put Cuba on your itinerary. Cuba is one of the best cheap countries to travel to from Canada, with various resorts, beaches, and tasty dishes. Traveling around April is excellent if you wish to avoid the crowd and enjoy the cool weather. Hotel accommodations are also cheap in Cuba, and you can get a good deal for your budget. 

There’s no limit to things to try out in Cuba. You can decide to visit museums, beaches, or parks, participate in a festival, hike, or go watch folklorico dance. Flights to Cuba from Canada are affordable. Once you land in Cuba, your living costs will significantly drop, and you’re all set to have a great time while spending less than you would in Canada.

8. Greece

cheap countries to travel to from canada - greece

You may think Greece isn’t among the cheap countries to travel to from Canada, but that’s just because you’re only familiar with famous islands like Mykonos and Santorini. If you choose a location with less-famous options, you’re in for a budget-friendly trip. 

Consider spots like Skiathos, Paros, or the Saronic Gulf island for a change. You’ll still visit beautiful beaches, see centuries-old architecture, and enjoy delicious Greek dishes for substantially less. To maximize the value you get for your money, consider visiting Greece during off-seasons, where prices will be cheaper, and the crowds will be minimal.

9. Sri Lanka

cheap countries to travel to from canada - sri lanka

Canadians can enjoy economical global vacations in Sri Lanka. It’s a picturesque location with jungles, beaches, and affordable hotels. Would you like to visit monasteries and temples to get a feel of the Buddhist culture? Sri Lanka offers you a variety of such locations. 

The Sri Dhalada Maligwa and Sri Maha Bodhiya are famous locations that attract curious visitors. Don’t forget to check out the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens and feast your eyes on some natural beauty while you’re in Sri Lanka.

10. Georgia

cheap countries to travel to from canada - georgia

Georgia falls among the best value vacation spots for Canadians seeking a break from their routine. Canadians are also eligible for visa-free travel to Georgia for up to 365 days, saving you extra costs if you’re just looking to spend a short time in Georgia. Located between Asia and Europe, Georgia is a charming country with affordable accommodations and food for visitors. 

If you’re a solo traveler, you can stay at hostels for about $20 per night or less. But you can stay at a comfortable hotel with a little more money. If you love adventures, visit the Caucasus mountains and hike. Batumi is also an excellent location for beach lovers with a calm and relaxing vibe.


Cheap countries to travel to from Canada are abundant, and the list above highlights locations for you to start with. While researching and considering affordable international travel options for your next getaway, ensure you prepare for the best possible experience at any location you choose. 

Prepare all essential documents, pack appropriately, and consider getting baggage insurance in case of any delay or inconvenient circumstances. The Canadian government also provides travel advisories for its citizens planning to travel abroad. You can check the location you plan to visit and learn the necessary information and precautions you can take to ensure your safety during your stay abroad, and you can’t get it wrong when you book your flight with Onkar Travels. 

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