Set Out On a Bahamas Cruise from Orlando At Up To 30% Off!

Looking to book a luxury Bahamas cruise you will never forget? Home to stunning islands with turquoise blue water, sandy white beaches, and a rich cultural heritage, The Bahamas makes for the perfect vacation spot. As if that weren’t enough, this Caribbean island also boasts the third-largest barrier reef in the world, exotic cuisine, and rich aquatic wildlife. No wonder it’s known as the “Jewel of the Caribbean!”

If visiting this tropical paradise has been on your bucket list for a while, now’s your chance. The Royal Caribbean is offering a Bahamas cruise from Orlando that promises 4 days of fun. And if you book through Onkar Travels, you get a discount of up to 30% off!

About the Bahamas Cruise from Orlando, Florida

All aboard the Utopia of the Seas! The Bahamas cruise from Orlando, Florida sets sail from Port Canaveral in Florida and spans across 3 or 4 nights and 1 day. You can book this long weekend cruise anytime between October 2023 and April 2024. 

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Source: Royal Caribbean.

Before boarding the ship and departing from Port Canaveral, you can have your fill of Florida. The cruise kicks off at 4 PM and reaches Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas at 9 AM the next day. After spending day 2 and day 3 having fun at the island, you’ll reach Port Canaveral at 6:30 AM on day 4. 

Bahamas Cruise Itinerary

14 PMDeparting Port Canaveral, Florida
29 AM to 5 PMNassau, The Bahamas
37 AM to 5 PMCococay, The Bahamas
46.30 AMArrival at Port Canaveral, Florida

The Bahamas cruise from Orlando promises a fun-filled 3-day vacation that you’re going to talk about for years to come! Here’s a day-to-day itinerary jam-packed with fun activities for you. 

Day 1: Florida

You don’t have to wait till you reach the Bahamas to get your vacation started. You can spend the morning and early afternoon going around Orlando. Known as the land of amusement parks, Orlando has 6 theme parks! You can visit one of those, head to the Kennedy Space Center, or go on a kayaking trip at the Banana River Lagoon and try to spot a manatee or two. 

If none of the above activities catch your fancy, you can always spend some time at the good old beach, indulge in some local cuisine, and get some shopping done before boarding your ship. 

Day 2: Nassau

After reaching Nassau at 9 AM, you have the entire day to explore this former pirate’s haven to your heart’s content. There’s no shortage of things for you to do here!

You can swim with dolphins and stingrays, or go out on a boat and watch the vibrant corals through the looking glass at the bottom. There are three colonial fortresses lining the shores of Nassau for the history buff in you to visit. 

Across the harbor on Paradise Island, there’s the Atlantis Resort, the largest waterpark in the Caribbean. Water taxis run from the harbor to the island, so head out there and have fun going down waterslides or exploring underground tunnel aquariums. 

If you want to relax on a private beach, take a 30-minute boat ride to Pearl Island. Here, you can go kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, jump around on water trampolines, or simply chill in front of the lighthouse with a drink in your hand and the ocean breeze in your hair. 

If you fancy taking back some souvenirs, shop to your heart’s content at Festival Place, Bay Street, or the Straw Market. 

Day 3: Cococay

Perfect Day at Cococay is… Wait for it… A private destination in the Bahamas that is exclusively for Royal Caribbean guests! Whether you want to chill, swim, dance, or get a dose of adrenaline, this place has it all!

Cococay has swim-up bars, infinity pools, and private overwater cabanas with hammocks for you to unwind at. You can soak up the ocean views while listening to some music, reading a book, or taking a nap. Chill Island also offers snorkeling sessions for you to enjoy the marine life up close. 

If you want some adventure, you can head to the thrill waterpark, go on a balloon ride, or a zip line. The thrill waterpark has several crazy rides including the tallest waterslide in North America, the Caribbean’s largest wave pool, and an adventure pool with several obstacles in the way. 

The private resort here offers top-notch Bahamian cuisine, which means you get pretty much the perfect vacation you could ever ask for!

Day 4: Arrival in Florida

After your fun at Cococay, the ship will set sail again and you will reach Port Canaveral at 6.30 AM on day 4, bringing your perfect vacation to an end. Here, you can either choose to spend the day exploring Florida or head home to sleep off the thrill-filled weekend. 

Looking for a Longer Cruise?

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Bahamas Cruise Suites

In this Bahamas cruise from Orlando, you can choose between 4 types of suites. Each room can accommodate up to 4 adults. There are even wheelchair-accessible options for those who need it. 

The interior suite is a no-frills room that’s pretty comfortable. It has a bed, a sofa, and cupboards for you to store your belongings. 

The ocean view suite comes with a window overlooking the ocean for you to soak up the magnificent views. The bed is positioned right next to the window. There’s also a big sofa for you to lounge around in. 

The balcony suite is similar to the ocean view suite, except you actually get to go out and stand on the balcony.

Finally, there’s the royal suite class which is the most luxurious suite and resembles a mini home complete with a living room, dining table, and kitchen!

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Grab Your Discount And Set Sail 

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