Why You Need To Get Baggage Insurance

If you like to prepare for every eventuality when traveling, getting baggage insurance is worth considering. Taking flights can be stressful, from planning to dealing with delayed or canceled flights and waiting hours to finally getting on board.

Now, imagine getting to your destination and not finding your luggage. Maybe you traveled for a business meeting, vacation, or to visit family, and you’ve been anticipating touchdown. The inconvenience can be mood-dampening, so you need all the help you can get to resolve your baggage issue. As you plan your vacation, you can check out our travel guide on the best time to visit India if you are considering India as your next travel destination.

What Is Baggage Insurance?

loaded luggage with baggage insurance

Baggage insurance is a term that describes a compensation or reimbursement you receive when you lose your luggage or make a delayed baggage claim. It can be split into two categories: baggage delay and baggage loss.

Baggage Loss Coverage

Baggage loss coverage is a policy that offers you a specific amount for losing your luggage or for particular items the insurance covers. With baggage loss coverage, you get financial reimbursement for stolen items or your entire luggage. 

It serves as a backup or support to whatever you may receive from the airline that loses your belongings or a similar carrier. Baggage insurance helps significantly if you ever find yourself stranded with no way to trace your items or luggage. Still, it may come with certain travel insurance baggage limitations, such as:

  • Some insurance plans may exclude certain things, such as laptops, sports and camera equipment.
  • There’s usually a maximum coverage amount for baggage insurance plans, which limits how much you can receive overall.
  • Insurance plans may also include a limit per item to specify the maximum reimbursement one can receive for a particular item.

Baggage Delay Coverage

In the case of baggage delay coverage, you’re entitled to receive an amount that you can use to purchase some essential items for your convenience while you wait for your bags. Like the loss coverage, what you receive is secondary to any amount your common carrier or airline provides.

baggage insurance to save you the fear of losing load on a baggage carousel 

You can access baggage delay perks when your bags have been delayed for about 6 to 24 hours, depending on the policy your plan follows. 

If you need a reliable international luggage insurance policy that tracks and expedites your bags for up to 96 hours after your flight lands, visit Blue Ribbon Bags. They cover every airline and flight, regardless of its location worldwide. As long as you purchase their services before any flight and report any bag mishandling within 24 hours of your flight, you can enjoy their benefits in case of any delay. Just like Blue Ribbon Bags, most travel insurance baggage limits for delay coverage may include:

  • A daily limit
  • A coverage limit per person

Check out Blue Ribbon Bags plans and prepare accordingly for your next trip.

Benefits of Baggage Insurance

Why should you get baggage insurance for your travels? There are numerous reasons to do so, and while you may not want to expect a discomforting situation like losing your bags or having to wait days to get your luggage, it’s best to plan for such scenarios to avoid feeling stranded. By getting insurance, you are guaranteed secondary support in addition to whatever your airline or homeowner insurance offers you. 

It also prevents you from getting stranded in the event of a baggage delay or loss. You can receive compensation to cover your essentials or an amount to allow you to re-purchase the items you lost during your travels. If you’re going on vacation with family or moving to someplace where you may spend a lot of time, an insurance policy will be handy as you’re probably dealing with a lot of luggage. Summarily, getting baggage insurance along with other preparations can help you travel with confidence with nothing to worry about. 

Factors To Consider When Getting Baggage Insurance

mapping out travel destination after securing baggage insurance

Choosing a competent insurance policy for your travels may be complex, as there are bountiful options. Here are a few factors you may want to consider before deciding on a baggage insurance policy:

  1. Claim and Coverage Limits

Learn what a travel insurance company covers and what it doesn’t beforehand. It won’t be a palatable experience when you learn of a limit when handling an issue. Find out the boundaries of the delay, loss, or theft claims to avoid unwanted surprises. Know what the insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t before committing to a company.

  1. Travel Frequency

Are you a frequent traveler, or do you vacation once every year? How frequently you travel may determine how much you’re willing to invest in a travel insurance policy. You can also consider the amount of baggage you can take on a trip to help you make a more informed decision.

traveling bag secured with baggage insurance
  1. Covered Destinations

Does the travel insurance policy cover international flights, or it’s limited to just local or specific geographic locations like the US and Mexico? Travel insurance policies may cover certain areas or may offer unlimited international services. Use the policy that best suits your frequent travel routes. If your trips are mainly within Europe, there’s no need to invest in baggage insurance policies that cover all international destinations.

  1. Cost

Of course, your budget should play a role in the travel insurance policy you choose. To determine if it suits you, compare the value they offer with their price points and your budget. While you may want an affordable travel insurance policy, you also need an efficient system to rely on, so finding that balance is worth the effort.

Customer Reviews

Learning other customers’ experiences with a travel insurance policy can be the final push or warning you need to proceed or avoid a particular company. Find out what other people say about a travel insurance company beyond what they put up on their website or social media page. You can ask your connections or ask questions on online platforms like Reddit.


Does Baggage Insurance Cover Carry-Ons?

The same travel insurance baggage cover policy applies to carry-on and checked luggage. With carry-ons, there’s a minimal possibility of loss or damage, and delay is almost impossible. If you travel with just carry-ons, you may not need to place as much emphasis on baggage insurance. Packing appropriately for a business trip or vacation determines the volume of your luggage.

How Do I File a Baggage Delay or Baggage Loss Claim?

Whether you want to make a baggage damage insurance claim or request lost luggage compensation, you need to show proof of proper documentation. Keep the receipts for items you had to purchase while your bag was delayed. You may also need to show the original receipts for specific items when requesting stolen or lost luggage compensation.

Can I Get Insurance for Delayed Baggage?

You can make a delayed baggage claim if you don’t get your luggage anywhere from 6 to 24 hours after your flight has landed. Ensure you review the plans your travel insurance company offers to ensure it cover baggage delay. Explore Blue Ribbon Bags insurance plans today for maximum baggage delay coverage for any trip.

Can I Get Insurance for Lost Items During Travel?

Many travel insurance companies offer insurance for lost items, which may include baggage theft coverage. Providing receipts or similar documents to show the value of a lost or stolen item may influence how much you receive as compensation. While you may get some amount without providing any receipt, it’s best to organize your receipts and be able to offer them when asked.

Can I Make a Baggage Damage Insurance Claim?

In addition to offering baggage loss protection, a travel insurance company may accept baggage damage claims and provide reasonable compensation. However, not all companies may offer compensation for baggage damage.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Any Kind of Baggage?

Confirm what a travel insurance company covers before relying on their services. However, most baggage insurance companies don’t cover items such as:

  • Home furnishing items or furniture
  • Documents and tickets
  • Professional gear like sports and camera equipment
  • Perishable items like food
  • Financial assets, including papers, securities, and cash
  • Vehicles and their parts
  • Antique items
  • Confiscated items
  • Theft or loss due to personal carelessness or neglect
  • Fragile items like glassware
  • Items lost in the event of civil unrest, terrorism, or war

How Much Does International Luggage Insurance Cost?

There’s no generic fee that applies to all travel insurance companies. Perform your research to confirm the cost of any travel insurance company you wish to work with. Check out Blue Ribbon Bag’s affordable pricing and save yourself the trouble of scouring the internet for a reliable travel insurance company.


Preparing in advance is always better than trying to handle an issue when it’s staring you right in the face. For instance, you can explore cheap flights available on Onkar travels days before your trip. While you do that, consider investing in Blue Ribbons Bags insurance to get additional support in case of a baggage delay on any flight you take. Taking the time to prepare backup plans for when things don’t go exactly right can 

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