Navigating Air India Minor Traveling Without Parents

Air India minor traveling without parents

Air India Minor traveling without parents is possible in necessary scenarios. If your child needs to travel across states or countries without you or any trusted relative, they are automatically mandated to use their unaccompanied minor policy service. This service ensures your child has a smooth and safe journey following all the necessary processes and documentation, which we’ll discuss in detail. That said, you can use Onkar Travels to book cheap flights on your next trip to India and surrounding locations from Canada.

Air India Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Air India’s unaccompanied minor policy is a service young children between the ages of 5 and 12 use when they travel without an adult like their parents. To use the Air India minor traveling without parents’ service, parents must fill out the Air India Minor travel consent form and submit it at least three days before the scheduled trip. The age limit and requirements apply to both domestic and international flights.

You can’t book a trip for an underage traveler online, so contact Air India 3 days before the travel and complete the necessary documentation process. The Air India team needs sufficient information about who they’ll meet at the departure and arrival airports to receive and hand over the child.

Air India Young Travellers Requirements

preparing for Air India minor traveling without parents

Air India regards minors between 12 and 18 as young travelers. They don’t require the unaccompanied minor documentation and check-in process. They simply need to identify themselves at the check-in desk. Air India still assists them in the following:

  • Assign an escort to accompany them through security, customs, and immigration processes during international flights.
  • Helps them with the pre-boarding procedure.
  • Meet the young traveler at the aircraft’s door on arrival.
  • Escorts the young passenger to the exits and through customs and immigration for international locations.

Whether your child falls within the young traveler or unaccompanied minor age range, they can also benefit from getting baggage insurance like adult travelers. Curious to learn how a routine $5 payment can save you thousands on an Air India minor traveling without your parents’ trip? Read all about baggage insurance here.

Age Requirements for Travel to and from Gulf Countries

The age policy for an Air India child flying solo differs from the standard. The United Arab Emirates, or UAE, refers to children between the ages of 5 to 18 as unaccompanied minors. You can learn more about UAE travel requirements. If your child is traveling at 18 or below to and from UAE, they’ll need to follow the unaccompanied minor policy. Other Gulf countries use the age range of 5 to 16. Contact Air India beforehand to learn any special requirements if your child needs to travel.

Air India Minor Traveling to and from The UK

Air India minor traveling without parents solo to the UK

Any child under 18 traveling without their parents requires a written consent form following the UK border laws. The form should include the signature of both parents. 

To travel with a minor from the UK, you must provide the permission of any parent or guardian of the child. You are to provide an Air India Minor travel consent form, including an original ID of both parents and the child’s birth certificate. Air India expects the parents to provide their documents 4 hours before departure. You should also ensure to keep to all the requirements to take a child abroad as required by the UK government. 

Procedures for Air India Minor Traveling Without Parents

child packing for air India minor traveling without parents

The rules for minors flying alone on Air India are meant to protect and ensure the safety of underage travelers. They include the following:

  1. Print and fill out the request form for an Air India Minor traveling without parents and bring four copies of the completed form to the closest Air India airport to you three days before the scheduled trip.
  1. Parents must ensure the child has all the necessary travel documents to travel solo and complete check-in 2 hours before take off.
  1. The guardian mentioned in the request form must bring the child to the departure airport along with a recognized photo identification included in the form’s details.
  1. The unaccompanied minor and adult must present their valid photo ID at check-in.
  1. Air India requests that the parent or guardian of an unaccompanied minor pack everything they need to have a comfortable trip, including toys, clothing, medication, and gadgets.

Air India Child Safety Measures

Once the Air India underage passenger completes check-in, the flight’s team is responsible for their comfort and safety throughout the journey:

  • They guide the unaccompanied minors through every departure process and ensure they sit where the cabin crew can easily watch them.
  • The Air India team takes the minors through every arrival process, including customs and immigration for international flights.
  • Finally, they hand over the child to the adult or guardian specified in the unaccompanied minor form.

Rules for Minors Flying Alone on Air India

flying solo with Air India minor traveling without parents

Air India minors traveling without parents is the responsibility of the cabin crew members during the flight until handover to the authorized adult. However, Air India doesn’t book emergency exit seat rows for minors. Unaccompanied minors are also not allowed to take flights that require overnight trips or multiple stops. 

Unaccompanied minor services apply to children flying in separate cabins from their parents or guardians. The difference is that the cabin crew is only responsible for the child at the point of entry on the plane till the complete disembarking at arrival. They take the child from the parent or guardian at entry and hand them over at disembarkment. 

Children below the age of 5 aren’t allowed to fly as unaccompanied minors, but Air India offers a unique service for them. They can provide an air hostess to accompany the child during the flight. However, contact Air India at least three days early to prepare the necessary documents, get approval, and purchase travel tickets.

Cost for Unaccompanied Minor India

The cost of Air India minors traveling without parents is the same as that of adults. You’ll need to fulfill the policy and documentation for children flying Air India, but the payment requirement is similar. Ensure you prepare adequately for the flight ticket and other additional costs before scheduling a trip for your young child.

Tips to Prepare an Air India Child Flying Solo

child sitting - Air India minor traveling without parents

It may be a more lengthy process if you’re preparing your child to fly solo with Air India. However, making adequate preparations allows your child to be comfortable and safe throughout the Air India minor traveling without parents’ journey. It also makes it easy for the Air India team to tend to minor travelers and hand them over to the authorized person. Here are some tips for a smooth minor travel process:

  • Try to contact Air India earlier than three days before the scheduled flight so you can comfortably prepare the necessary documents and submit them early.
  • Prepare your child for the experience. Teach them to respect the crew and ask questions whenever they feel confused or need help.
  • Ensure you pack your child’s essentials in baggage they can easily access during the flight.
  • Inform the cabin crew of any allergies or unique information they need for your child’s health and safety.
  • Contact the person receiving the child on arrival and ensure they’re aware of the time so they can be available early to avoid the discomfort of waiting.


When the circumstances arise where you need your child to travel solo, you can trust Air India’s unaccompanied minor policy. Simply provide the necessary documents and ensure you contact the nearest Air India airport three days before departure. Follow the unique requirements for specific locations and ensure your child has all they need before departing with the Air India minor traveling without parents. Remember to book cheap flights to India with Onkar Travels.

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